Laurie Freitag: C.V.


-Lightbox Gallery Portfolio 2020, Astoria, Oregon
Images: 'In the Garden at Chislehurst' #6769 #6791 #7126 #7130
Jurors: LightBox Gallery Directors-Michael & Chelsea Granger

- SE Center of Photography, Greenville, N. Carolina
Image: 'In the Garden at Chislehurst' #6792
Juror: Richard McCabe
-Blank Wall Gallery Fine Art Exhibition, Athens,Greece
Image: 'In the Garden at Chislehurst' #7006

-Featured: 'The Bradbury Building'

-Featured & sold: 'Untitled'

- Lenscratch/Quarantine Exhibition/

- Interviewed by Douglas Stockdale for L.A. Photo Curator

-Featured: 'Monkey Wide-Awake'

Featured member Los Angeles Center of Photography


- Featured: 'Batman'

- Featured & Sold: 'The Canoe in the Pool'
- Featured Speaker/ Forum: Photographic Influencers, Pasadena Photography Arts, Pasadena, CA

-Featured & Sold: 'Kiddie Boat' - Spider Awards Black & White Winners book 2019/
'Big Sister'
- 13th Annual Spider Awards- category-Children of the World/Honorable Mention /'Big Sister'
-13th Annual Spider Awards- category of Fine Art/

- Featured & Sold: 'Boy in a Boat'

- Lenscratch: Your Favorite Photograph 2018 online group exhibition
Curator: Aline Smithson
'Girl in the Striped Scarf'


- Neutra Gallery/Museum, Silver Lake, CA/ B&W Group show/Curator: Dulce Stein
Image- 'Boy in a Boat', 'Girl in a Striped Scarf' & 'Batman'

- 10th Anniversary Fraction Magazine Issue (28th image down)
Image- 'Five Boxes' from the 'Don't Go Out Into the Night' series

- Featured in Voyage L.A.


- Los Angeles Center of Photography 'The Creative Portrait' Exhibition' (11/17-2/18)
Juror: Ann M. Jastrab
Image: 'The Hammock'

- 12th Annual Spider Awards. Honorable Mention/Children of the World/'Big Sister'

- Artist Interview:

- Griffin Museum 23rd Juried Exhibition/Online exhibition & digital slideshow/Main Gallery throughout the Exhibition/Instagram exhbition/ Juror: Hamidah Glasgow
Image: 'Snow Angel'

- Lenscratch/online Group Show/Earth Day

- Featured
"The Hammock"

- Featured
"Girl in Shower"

- 1650 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
"Snow & Ice 2017" Group exhibition


- PX3 Prix de la Photographie/Honorable Mention
-11th Annual Black & White Spider Awards -Nominee/ Children of the World: Catching the Train aka 'Searching'
Children of the World: 'In The Hammock'
Children of the World: 'Watching The Spider'

- Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825
 "2016 Open Show"/ Blizzard Jonas
Juror: Jen Inacio, Pérez Art Museum Miami

- Van Der Plas Gallery Group Exhibition (10 artists), NY,NY/ Blizzard Jonas
Curatorial Panel-Adriaan Van Der Plas, Owner of Van Der Plas Gallery, Vincent Zambrano, Artist and Filmmaker, Leonardo Barreto, Photographer, Abstract Expressionist Painter, Dr. Janos Marton, Co-Founder and Director of The Living Museum NY,
Peter Brill, Asst. Director for Exhibitions and Programs at Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of the American Indian - Tussle Magazine profile:!artist-profile/tooii 

- fstopmagazine: Group Exhibition: The Family issue: Row 22, 2nd image.

- Artist of the Week:The Kahlo Collective-

- Featured Artist of the Day "The Lost Years"/


- International Photography Awards/Honorable Mention- People/ 'Walking in the Surf'

- The Peace Project/traveling exhibition/NY-L.A./Landmark Arts Bldg (NY)/The Whole 9 Gallery (Culver City, CA)
LC Croskey, Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles
Vicki Meek, Manager, South Dallas Cultural Center
Dallas, TX
Dr. Max Carocci, Curator, British Museum
London, UK
Simona Piantieri, Creative Director, SimoLab Creative AV
London, UK

- Lenscratch "Bathing Suits and Sunburns Exhibition Part 2"
-Your Daily Photograph featured

- Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA) Annual Benefit Auction/825 Gallery - (juried selection)
- "Conversations with the Artists"/Gallery 825, as part of the Los Angeles Art Association's Artspeak programming.

- Los Angeles Art Association/825 Gallery
  Juror: Sarah Russin, Executive Dir.,
  Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE).

- Artist Portfolio Magazine/Featured Artist
  "LA VS NY"!blog/ciop

- Lenscratch "The 2014 Your Favorite Photographs Exhibition Part 7"

- Los Angeles Art Association/825 Gallery
  Juror: LAAA Exhibition Committee
  Los Angeles, CA

- Whole 9 Gallery
  "The Peace Project"
  Jurors: Chris Boot, Aperture Foundation/Sonce Alexander
  Culver City, CA

- Black Box Gallery/Online Exhibition 
 "Snapshot Aesthetic:Domestic and Everyday
  Juror: Stacey McCarroll Cutshaw

- Los Angeles Art Association/825 Gallery
  "Conversations with the Artists"
   Los Angeles, CA.

- Los Angeles Art Association/825 Gallery
  "Cultural Excavation"
  Juror: Elizabeth James, Cherry and Martin
  Los Angeles, CA.

- Linus Gallery/Silouettes:

- Women in Photography International- 1st Place.
 Juror: Daniel Miller/Duncan Miller Gallery

- Landmark Arts Building
  "The Peace Project"
  Juror: Lisa Schultz
  Chelsea, N.Y. 

- The Whole 9 Gallery
  "The Peace Project"
   Juror: Lisa Schultz 
   Culver City, CA.
- Robert Berman Gallery/ Lucie Foundation
  "Month of Photography"
  Santa Monica, CA.

- Women in Photography International/Photo L.A.
   Los Angeles, CA

- Landmark Arts Building
  ”The Peace Project”
  Juror: Lisa Schultz 
  Chelsea, NY

- The Whole 9 Gallery
  ”The Peace Project”
  Juror: Lisa Schultz
   Culver City, CA

- Swarm Gallery
 “The Peace Project”
  Juror: Lisa Schultz
  Oakland, CA.

  Carter Sexton Gallery
  North Hollywood, CA

- Center for Digital Art
  "Snap to Grid show"
  Los Angeles, CA

- Whole 9 Gallery
  "Peace Rises"
  (Traveling show raising funds for 10,000 prs. of crutches for Sierra Leone)
  Culver City, CA

- Max Lang Gallery
  "Peace Rises"
  Chelsea, New York

- Open Call L.A. 2011
  Municipal Art Gallery Barnsdall Park
  Los Angeles, CA


- ProPhotoDaily Spotlight: (2014)

- Full-page spread, Art & Beyond Magazine (Jan/Feb 2013- p. 40) - (2013)

- Featured piece "Stretching" -Shining a light on hatred (2012)

-Koeppel, Bruce/Shaham, Guy/Lazo Rosal, Carmel/Murphy, Elaine. “Lookout.” In Santa Monica Magazine. Issue 261, November 1994.

“Reader’s Portfolio.” Outdoor & Travel Photography Magazine. Vol. 2, No. 2, Winter 1990: 80.

-Shindler, Merrill “Two Ways to Get Back to the Left Bank.” Los Angeles Reader
2 February 1990.

- Featured in The Best of Photographers Forum Magazine, (1988/1989.)

-Dick, Dave. “Arrowhead Fire.” Outdoor California Magazine. July-August 1988: 6.

-Sroloff, Deborah. “Carnegie Deli: Enormous Portions of Primo Chow.” Los Angeles
Reader. 2 September 1989.

-Shindler, Merrill. “Reader’s Guide to Restaurants.”
Los Angeles Reader
27 October 1989.

-Sroloff , Deborah. “Mother Russia Cooking (Emphasis on ‘Mother’).”
Los Angeles
Reader 10 November 1989.

-Shindler, Merrill. “Reader’s Guide to Restaurants.”
Los Angeles Reader.
17 November 1989.

-Shindler, Merrill. “Beverly Hills Brunch: Big Bucks, Big Boy.” Los Angeles Reader
15 December 1989.

-“Here Comes Sammy Claus.” Hollywood Independent Newspaper. Vol. 66 No 46, 29 November 1989, B1
(front page).

-Kidd, Tom. “Engineer Profile: Jon Gass.” Music Connection Magazine Vol. XIII, No. 5, 6-19 March 1989.

-Freitag, Laurie. “Les Reflexions de Canoe.” Parmelee Publications Inc. LF 26, 1988.

-Hill, Suzanne. “How One Woman (A High School Dropout) Built 3 Businesses That Net Over 1 Million A Year.” Woman Magazine. July 1987.

-Holmes, Ernest Holmes. “The Promise of a New Birth.” Science of Mind Magazine. March 1989 Vol. 62, No. 3 :2-3.

-Vittes,Lawrence. “The Pet Doctor Bites Back.” Los Angeles Reader. 22 December 1989: 10.

-Sroloff, Deborah. “Holiday Dinners and …Hindu Hanukkah?” Los Angeles Reader. 22 December 1989.

-Lennon, Nigey. “KCSN Shuts the Barn Door on Country Music.” Los Angeles Reader. 24 November 1989.

-“Trees Please.” Los Angeles Independent. Vol. 57 No. 38. 28 February 1990. Cover.

-Liberman, Andrew Kay. “Sandinoburgers? Equestrian Institutes? What’s happening in Nicaragua?” Los Angeles Reader. 21 September 1990.


"As a self-taught photographer, I worked as a weekly contributer to the L.A. READER magazine where I photographed over 25 stories. I was also published locally and nationally in Womans Magazine, Outdoor Travel, Science of Mind Magazine and Music Connection Magazine and was a finalist in Photographer's Forum Magazine. I traveled and studied “The Nature of Light" with teacher/photographer Stephen Ramsey with his photo intensives in Denver, Kauai and the Greek Isles."- Laurie Freitag

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