Laurie Freitag
1956, Los Angeles
Selected Exhibitions

2021, PX3 Prix de la Photographie, Espace Beaurepaire Gallery, Paris, France (The Lost Years portraits)

2021, 16th Julia Margaret Cameron Award, FotoNostrum Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (The Lost Years portraits)

2021, Focus Photo LA, Top 20 Finalist, Photo LA, Los Angeles, CA (In the Garden at Chislehurst)

2020, The Portfolio Show, Lightbox Gallery, Astoria, OR (In the Garden at Chislehurst)
2020, Exploring Humanity, Los Angeles Center of Photography, Los Angeles, CA
2020, Fine Art Show, Shatto Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2020, Color Show, SE Center of Photography, Greenville, N.C.
2020, Fine Art Show, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece
2020, Winter Group Show, realArt Gallery, Agoura, CA
2020, Botanicals Exhibit, Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna, CA
2020, Cell Phone Exhibit, Jag Gallery, Key West, FL
2020, The Fun Show, BG Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2019, Black & White Show, Neutra Gallery, Silver Lake, CA
2017, The Creative Portrait, Los Angeles Center of Photography, Los Angeles, CA
2017, Fine Art Exhibition, Griffin Museum, Winchester, MA
2016, Open Show, Gallery 825/Los Angeles Art Association, Los Angeles, CA
2016, Anthology, Van Der Plas Gallery, NY, NY
2015, The Peace Project, Landmark Arts Bldg, NY, NY
2015, Adorn, 825 Gallery/Los Angeles Art Association, L.A., CA
2014, Aurora, 825 Gallery/Los Angeles Art Association, L.A., CA
2013, Month of Photography, Lucie Foundation, Robert Berman Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2013, Transportation/Photo L.A., Women in Photography, Los Angeles, CA


2021, PX3 Prix de la Photographie, Gold/Second Place,Series, Smartphone, (The Lost Years portraits)

2021, Top 20 Finalist, Summer, Focus Photo L.A. (In the Garden at Chislehurst)

2021, 16th Julia Margaret Cameron Award, Honorable Mention, Series (The Lost Years)

2020, Neutral Density, Honorable Mention, Series (In the Garden at Chislehurst)
2020, IPA, Honorable Mention, Series (In the Garden at Chislehurst)
2020, Shatto International Awards, Gold Winner (In the Garden at Chislehurst)
2019, Black & White Spider Awards, Honorable Mention
2017, Black & White Spider Awards, Honorable Mention
2016, PX3 Prix de la Photographie, Honorable Mention
2015, IPA, Honorable Mention
2013, Women in Photography International, First Place






Talks and Presentations

Featured Speaker/ Forum: Photographic Influencers, Pasadena Photography Arts, Pasadena, CA

Conversations with the Artists, Gallery 825/L.A. Art Association Artspeak programming

Publications and Reviews

2021, Inside Photos, Charley featured with almost 10,000 likes

2021, The Decisive Moments Magazine, Charley featured with almost 6,000 likes

2021, Moments in Street Life, Friends featured with almost 2,000 likes

2021, Spectaculum Magazine, Chislehurst work featured
2020, California Love- A Visual Mixtape, Published by Michael Rababy
2020, L.A. Photo Curator, Douglas Stockdale/Interview

2020, Living and Working in the time of Covid, a Jerry Russo documentary/Interview
2020, Alternative Photography: A Beginners Guide: by Morgan Post/Interview

2020, The Shoutout Interview

2019, Voyage L.A.

2016, Blizzard Jonas: New York City (self-published book)

2016, Art Reveal Magazine, Blizzard Jonas (6 pages)

2013, Art & Beyond Magazine, online



2021, L.A. Photo Curator, Childhood: Past, Present & Future

2020, L.A. Photo Curator, The First Half

2020, L.A. Photo Curator, Life's Work

2019, L.A. Photo Curator, 2019 Top Images

2019, L.A. Photo Curator, Self-Portrait


Laurie's Chislehurst work is represented by Susan Spiritus at

Other works available through CollectorWorks, sponsored by Your Daily Photograph, a hybrid gallery concept that combines virtual representation and in-person exhibitions.